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    Studio45 is a one man outfit supplying art illustrations and design on a high and professional level. Besides publishing all sorts of art and graphics (print & web), I also write, perform and publish music. Studio45 Produces and publishes graphic novels and subsequent video productions of the same novels for web and the commercial print market. Podcast and vidcast are in the workings.
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Studio45 got featured again

The featured design

It is not the first time, and hopefully not the last one either that we are featured in one of the many groups on redbubble.com
It is always a great honour since one is competing against rather accomplished and well skilled artists from all over the world.
I’m not sure how they choose the ones to get featured, but I think they are chosen by the ones running the particular group.
Sometimes I think there is some sort of voting involved, but I am far from sure about these things…just very pleased to see that people are aware of and paying attention to my art among all the great stuff out here.

So I bow my head and say Thank you guys…and girls of course.

Another Studio45 feature on the redbubble.com pages

Another one of Studio45

2 Responses

  1. I have already had an account there fore some time, but found out it wasn’t worth the effort….never sold anything there, and that is the main reason I use the internet in the first place, in order to generate income from my art, Illustration and design output…I had a lot more luck at the redbubble.com, I also find Zazzle a rather handy little thing for artists to gain extra income besides the traditional revenue streams available…

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