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    Studio45 is a one man outfit supplying art illustrations and design on a high and professional level. Besides publishing all sorts of art and graphics (print & web), I also write, perform and publish music. Studio45 Produces and publishes graphic novels and subsequent video productions of the same novels for web and the commercial print market. Podcast and vidcast are in the workings.
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Watercolor practice



So now there!
I’ve been at it again.
Watercolor is something I have decided I wanna integrate in my comic art, thus I need to practice in order to bring my skills to a marketable level.


Batman doodles

At the time I am working on various projects. I keep pounding “The St. Pauli Blues” at the same time as I am writing on two different adventures.

I am also in the process of bringing back the band/CD project from this summer, since my son now is well and don’t need that much of my attention.

As some might have picked up, I am also working on a short little comic based on a poem a friend wrote. His name is Harris Moore , and we’re sort of collaborating on making this poem in to a cool little comic story. We use google docs as a platform for the collab.
But still I sketch a lot every day to hone my skills, and to test various ideas and stuff.

When you wanna be a comic artist, there is one guy you can NOT get around.
The other day I got some “Copic” markers and just went ahead and doodled a little to check’em out.

This is what came out. Even though I basically hate the whole concept of “the american comic hero” in tights and knickers. Something really wrong with that stuff….but this caped midnight rambler…he keeps popping up….damned him :)


Above was done with markers and a ball point.


In this last doodle, I’ve used a combination of markers, watercolor and a ball point



Hey you! Come here!

This is actually the guy my granny claimed was watching over me and my deeds (no kidding).

As you can see I have been dabbling in watercolors again. This was just gonna be a sketch. I am in the process of designing something to market my band “The Plague” and it won’t be this guy (too nice), so that I have done this on crappy shit paper that comes apart when introduced to water (can’t afford to use bristol boards for sketching :). Not a good thing when working in watercolors. But there you go….



I have been dabbling in watercolors lately. Obviously I have an awful lot left to learn, but as with everything else I just trot along and figure I’ll get there at some point in time if I stay at it, and get to keep my health and life ;)

This is still early in the process ( done six little attempts, and some was shown here on the blog), but I have already learned a few things.

Composition, color choice  and the various dynamic tools one has at hand, are all things one needs to figure out before penciling in the sketch on the final board/paper.
The first attempts I did all suffered from a serious lack of planning. This time around I made six full sketches where I tried out various stances (attitudes), clothes, Positions and shading. I also did a number of thumbnails to get the right balance and light.

I am not too well versed in these above mentioned disciplines either, and a trained eye will see that. But I am working on it all, and I hope one day to be able to manage these tools of the trade. Hang in there with me, and you might pick up a thing or two.





Space ships, Female naked killer, sketching and character design….FUN!

Hie! everybody, here’s a little to inspire and enjoy….

Due to sickness in my family and travelling, my access to internet has been sporadic, and I’d had no scanner in this time. But I’ve been sketching, drawing and going on as usual.


Now I have lots of stuff I can tempt you with over the next days, and I will start of with some neat space ships I tried to do for a series I am about to put together at some time in not too distant future.


It’s very early in the idea stage and I am just playing around a little to get some ideas and inspiration….


…..all these drawings was done with a black marker, Black ballpoint pen and a few colored markers



Now here you can have a peak in to what will be one of the key figures in the last part of “The St. Pauli Blues”, and whom we will also meet in the third part (witch just happen to be one of the two things I am drawing at the moment…are seven pages in to it already).


She is a murderer for hire, and she come from the most infamous of stocks….. OK that’s as much as you get …ALRIGHT THEN!!!   her real family(if one can call it that)name…. is Meinhoff Baader….. OK THAT’S IT!!!!


Here are some of the many sketches I’ve made to try to visualize this character …..all these drawings was done with a black marker, Black ballpoint pen, few brushes, ink and watercolor …..enjoy



Tough bitch eh? …. See y’all around

Reference is the mantra

Norway16 03 2008

Whenever you want to draw something you haven’t drawn before ore not for a long time, you like to have reference at hand in one form ore another.

JensanesetWhen drawing a person ore many persons I find that I like to have both, many pictures and the real live model accessible at any time.
The same goes for landscapes, interiors and exteriors.
But this is of course the optimal scenario, and it rarely occurs. So one is obliged to make do with what is accessible at any given time.

There are a lot of things that can make life easier for a poor illustrator, and over the years the situation has really improved with the web making it’s entry on to the scene and all.
But despite the web, books will always come in very handy. And I can not stress it enough how valuable they are, those huge cafe table books with real big pictures in them, fashion magazines (I usually ask my dentist and doctor if I can have the old magazines they toss from the waiting room.
It’s all kind of womans magazines, science magazines and some weird stuff. It’s great), old news yearbooks with pix in them, old catalogs, old comics, toy catalogs, tool catalogs and so on in that direction is also fantastic reference tools.

You should collect stuff like this as much as you can store. My feeling on this matter is that you can never get enough.
But don’t burn all your cash on this, I have another great source for you namely videos.

Movies are great sources for reference. You can freeze your picture on anything your heart desires and make a screen grab (if watching on a computer of course).

It is especially great for coming up with cool angles and perspectives.
I struggle with a very difficult matter in a comic at the moment and my video collection is a invaluable help in this case.
So always be on the lookout for cheap videos (even if it is a bummer at the box office and boring as he*&%¤.. the references can still be great).

But the one I use the most these days are the internet.
There seams to be absolutely nothing you can’t find a picture ore a video capture of on the web.

So for you people I will reveal a few of my favorites ones.

At the Courtesy of a good web friend of mine that I met in the artist network redbubble.com Namely thickblackoutline I can present a great site for reference to you.
is something of a specialist in everything Japanese art, and here art mirrors that.

One of her favorite places for reference to all that is Japanese art is this site here:Chikanobu and Yoshitoshi Woodblock Prints
The next tip I have for you is from one of the most admirable initiatives on the entire web…..in the entire world come to think of it.
I am of course talking about the Project Guttenberg.
This place is overflowing with great reference material, and it is all for free (you also find a lot of other handy stuff in here, but that is for another post all together).
Here is a couple of the best ones:

The Brochure Series of Architectural Illustration.


Children’s Picture Books.


The list goes on. All you have to do is dig.You will not run in to the picture at once you hit these links, but just dig away and you soon hit gold….I guarantee it.

Architecture is a something most illustrators run in to sooner ore later, most likely sooner.
This next link I have for you is a great reference if you look for city landscapes from the turn of last two centuries (1800 – 1900).
I use this site a lot in a new comic/video production I am involved in at the moment. The story is in big parts taking place in Europe around 1800. The link is:


Like I said I am working on a project taking place in the early 1800 in France. So I don’t get around Napoleon and his Grand Armè, Thus I have three very good links about thees times.
It is about the army and the weaponry and uniforms…:

Napoleon Online

Die Uniformierung der französischen Armee

Napoleonic Guide images

And for a good round up I have one more really top one, but it is also the most obvious one.
Maybe that is the reason so many don’t think of it when they need reference for a project.

The one I am talking about is of course Flickr.com
There isn’t the thing you can’t find a whole heap of great images of on the flickr, so bookmark that one on top of your list. It is the best one.

OK we are closing in on the end of this post, but before I leave you for now, I have two more links, but these are not so much for reference, but rather as inspiration. The first one is a real strange flower with the name of Luigi Serafini and his book “the CODEX SERAPHINIANUS”
I won’t spoil your experience by yapping about it, you just check it out my friends, and remember to keep an open mind on this one….wide open.

The very last link for this time is is one of my favorite blogs. It is called “Today’s Inspiration” .
I have been following this blog for a year now and I just love it.
The guy running it has a very great nose for finding old classic illustrations from old magazines and analyzing them.
Check him out you won’t regret.

That is my contribution for now, but grab my RSS feed and keep an eye on this blog, cos there will be more…lots of more. until then my friends… POS