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    Studio45 is a one man outfit supplying art illustrations and design on a high and professional level. Besides publishing all sorts of art and graphics (print & web), I also write, perform and publish music. Studio45 Produces and publishes graphic novels and subsequent video productions of the same novels for web and the commercial print market. Podcast and vidcast are in the workings.
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The St Pauli Blues last panel is ready

So then finally I am at the end of this epic quest. It has taken me about two years to draw this album, but I am positive that with everything I’ve learned the next one will be done in about four to five month…. I hope

Now all that is left to do is do redraw a few pictures and some panels, just to get it all up to the level I staked out as I started out.
Then I will put in the text.
I am also contemplating translations in to Norwegian (my own mother tongue), German, Spanish and French. I will need help for the French and the Spanish translations.

Sex brand new panels

I have not been updating lately, but there is a perfectly good reason for it.
Once again I ended up working on many panels at the same time (for diversion, as I am now ready to be ready if you get my drift), and it does aloud for a lot better imagery, cos I give my self a lot more time to contemplate every and each pic since I have more to work on as I let time pass a little, then go back to another one again and so on….

Here are the last six panels I’ve drawn…….

Busy times at the studio

There is an awful lot going on here at the studio these days. I don’t know my head from my ass for all the different stuff going down.
I’m trying to get the first episode of the Napoleon project out the doors, setting up my blogs here at WordPress since abandoning Blogspot after three weeks of nightmare, getting a sound track recorded for the Napoleon video, getting together two different great and big blogposts I’ve been working on for some time now (one on web comics and another one is a interview I want to do with a graphics artist I know from redbubble.com) and I have started up a new product line.

Zazzle has started to offer up skateboards as a new product one can sell with ones design on it.
I find this a great idea and I always wanted to design boards.
This being a opportunity I just can’t pass up, I’m already at it sketching and drawing cool skateboard motives.


As you can see I have also made a logo. I think I’ll market both board designs and some chosen t-shirt designs under this logo.

I am also working on another new line where I’ll offer up a set of tattoos I have been working on for a while.
There is a podcast with drawing and Photoshop tips still in production. I hope I can get it rolling before x-mas.

Sketching, doodeling and having a great old time

For as long as I can remember I have been doodling.
Since I was a little baby I have been fascinated with the concept “pencil & paper”, and thus always had drawing tools handy.

One of the doodle collections.
Go see the 5 others here on my picture blog

But I was never serious about it. I never tried to make it in to something that could earn me money.
Main reason I think was that from an early stage in life I was able to make money playing rock music.
But one day I grew tired of touring, hotel rooms and never being able to settle down and take it easy. There was always something cooking, and I’ve had enough of it.
I was also aware of something new and exciting happening on the art front, and I was determined to try….the bait was Photoshop and computer graphics.
The blend of tech and art turned out to be irresistible.
This was in 1997, and the rest is history in the making.
But despite all the wonderful stuff that came with computers and graphics software, I am still sporting a fair attraction towards pencil and paper and drawing the old way.
Matter of fact, I start just about all my work on paper (except for written work).
So I keep paper and pencils handy and avilable all over the house, and I always carry a little sketch pad and pencil everywhere I go. I even have a set in my toilette.
Every day I make an endless row of doodles and sketches, and they are floating all over the place.
For the last 6 month I have been working exclusively on a graphic novel about Napoleon Bonaparte, but still I keep doodling all kind of stuff…just about anything going through my head.
So yesterday I scanned all the doodles I have been doing for the last two weeks (well almost all of them).
You can see them here on my picture blog….have fun


CD cover for very interesting and progressive Norwegian/Marocan Folk/Jazz/Rock/HipHop/chill and Sahara Blues Band

I am sorry to say it has been a while since I’ve had time to addressee you fine people, but here I am back at it again.
The Napoleon Graphic Novel project is and have been taking absolutely 100% of my time fore more than two month now, but I am very close to finale and last hand on the story and pictures, and they will soon cross the world to Australia to let MR. muskulareteeth have a go at doing a video out of the pictures.
Looking very much forward to that.

But today I am at you for another matter all together.
For the time being I have not been accepting any other jobs than the ones I create myself.
My income have had to be generated from that. But now I am in the process of changing a few things and I will be on the road and in transit for the next 6 month at least, so I need a laptop and there fore some extra cash.
To get this money I have in first instance accepted one brief from a good friend whom need a CD cover in the first place, but in the long run also will need posters, blog, visit cards, fliers, tickets and a all over visual design for marketing purposes.
I reckon this will bring me a long way in order to get a laptop with sufficient screen res., a powerful graphics card and at least two gig memory preferably three to four gig.

What you see here is the motive we have agreed on and the same motive on the background we are anticipating and with the header as it will stand.

Last you se one of the alternatives I drew…


Napoleonic times are slowly coming back to life

I am giving it all I’ve got to get this Napoleon video graphics novel up and running, and slowly I am getting there.
This is my very first attempt at drawing, inking and coloring a full comic story on my very own…
And I must admit that it is not a small and easy task.
But I will not complain, it is very much fun involved and for someone like me who loves to draw…well it’s actually nothing short of a dream come true to be honest.

If any of you are interested, I am posting the pencils and a lot of the sketches on our graphics blog
So just pop over and see if you like the way it is going…..



Once again within the same week, I have a picture on the home page of redbubble.com
For those who don’t know, this is a huge honor. One are chosen between literary millions of pictures mad by 50.000 fantastically talented and skilled artists ….

Go go go redbubble……you rock


We made home page on redbubble.com AGAIN!

My Code Zebra T-shirt made it to the front page of redbubble.com.
That is a big deal.
You are chosen among literary millions of pictures, and it is a real feather in your hat considering all the fantastic artists participating on the bub.

This is just to great!, go and check it out folks.
There is an endless amounts of top notch imagery to look at ore to purchase if you want to…..
Redbubble is your chance to buy top Illustrations, paintings, photos, prints and t shirts directly from the artist, without going through arty farty galleries that adds huge amounts to the price….

Here you can find a lot more pictures, photos and t-shirts from Studio45

Studio45 has entered a Board design contest

After some consideration I have decided to spend some time and effort in participating in different illustration, art and design contests.
What you see here, is the first attempt. It is a snowboard decor competition that looked OK. So I just jumped it.
Here is the URL: http://www.series13.com/freeride/

X-Mas cards for local stores

As a continuation of the postcard success from last summer, I have decided to release two X-Mas motives for sale in the local stores for this X-Mas.
It is just for distribution locally, and thus have local motives and text.

Character Workshop Blog up and running

For some time now I have been thinking of setting up a blog, where I more ore less every day publish whats on my sketchpad, drawing board ore in Photoshop at given moment.

Because I draw every day… and I draw a lot.It is all more ore less character driven (can I say that?…)
Actually to be perfectly honest with you, my love for characters is what got me in to this whole thing in the first place. And that is what keeps me going through the rough patches.
This of course generates a ton of drawings and sketches.
So I thought I present them more ore less chronologically, and thereby let you all get a glimpse in to my creative proses.

First picture out is something I have called “The parade through town”.
It was somehow inspired by a short story by Kafka that I read just the synopsis of.
This short story sparked some weird imagery in my head, and I have now spent a couple of days grinding it out in sketches, and getting it in to Photoshop.

So go check it out, and maybe hook up your RSS reader to catch the sequels. It will if not anything else, be entertaining and inspiring.


SEO jungle_No# 002

All the resources you need to handle the never ending story of SEO.

SEO is obviously a never ending story, so I assume there is no such thing as to much information.
But there is apparently a few things one should make sure of in any case. Rules of thumb so to speak.

As I rumbled through all the different bloggs going on about SEO and such (some good, some not so good and a few down right awful), it slowly became clear to me what was the most important issues one had to make sure of. The ones you can not do without.
The rest is up to you, depending on time available, recourse at hand, knowledge and determination.

But before we get down to the nitty gritty specifics of SEO, there is a few resources I used to reach the conclusions I’m about to reveal here in this article series.
For various reasons I find it important, that you too get access to thees very same resources.
Cos like I said, SEO is obviously a never ending story, and one needs to stay on top.

Key word here is time.
SEO is obviously serious business, but so is sales, marketing and production too.
We have to make sure the time we spend harvesting knowledge and news on SEO, are time well spent.
That’s where I think I can help you a little bit.

You see, there is a few of the resources I used for this article series, that have been with me for some time, and I feel I can really recommend them to you as very useful and time saving.
I have went through a lot more than this, but if I knew then (before I started the research for this series), what I know now…the ones I am about to mention, would have been enough.

So let’s hope it saves you time that I have done some sorting out for you.
Don’t forget, this will take time and work. And there is no short cuts.You just need to hang in there, take one step at the time, load the recommended bloggs and podcasts in to your feed (you got to have one, ore you are already lost before you get started) and start soaking up the basic knowledge.

Boagworld and net magazine
First I want to lead your attention to a podcaster, web designer, twitter nerd, accessibility expert, sworn advocate of web standards and all around nice guy Paul Boag from the podcasts Boagworld and net magazine.

I started to listen to Mr. Boag a year and a half ago on his podcast Boagworld, and when he started the net magazine podcast I just rolled with that to.
This is two podcasts that I can guarantee will give you all you need to know about web design, SEO, marketing, technology and everything else associated the web in general. And it is entertaining too. I mean, what more can you ask?

The blog that comes along with Boagworld, boagworld.com is a treasure full of resources for the seasoned web designer, the beginner, the web owner and everybody else involved with the Internet.

So Boagworld, boagworld.com and net magazine is my top tips today, but not my only tip.
Here comes a list of blogs, web pages and podcasts, that have been in my feed for some time, And have proven them self more than worthy.

Internet marketing voodoo and Internet Marketing Podcast Network
Both thees podcasts comes highly recommended.
They both have an archive full of goodies and sound advice for the web oriented business entrepreneur. And I would recommend anyone with the time and a mp3 player to download thees two podcasts (all posts), and get down to it.

When you want to dig down really deep in to something, the verbal advice is not always enough. Therefor we must supplement the podcasts with the finest there is of bloggs

I have to admit that this first blog has not been with me for very long time, as opposed to the rest of them. But I will still put it up as my top blog tip this time around.
A list apart
Is a blog that covers everything related to building and running web sites. This is what it says in the intro to the blog:
“A List Apart Magazine explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices”.
I would just recommend you read as much as you can from this blog. And don’t forget to load it in to your rss feed.

My next tip is:
The Web Optimist
This is a blog that very often brings relevant and interesting news about SEO, and also the web in general.
So if you are a web entrepreneur with goals, and plans about monetizing your web page, you would want to keep this blog in your feed
Back in may, he published a list he called:

SEO 101 – A beginners guide to Search Engine Optimization.
It’s a list with descriptions of what the best SEO tips are. This compilation is well thought out, and can be used with minor modifications.
The list is a very good starting point if you just like me, are in the very beginning of the SEO process.
There are a few things in the list that does not work for the free blogger account, but we’ll get to that in a later blog post.And there is another post here in this blog, that i will bring to your attention:

SEO 101 – Image Optimization

In this post, he shows us that the pictures in your page/blog also are objects for the SEO process.

One of the things we are going to have a closer look at, is writing copy for your blog.It is an all over accepted thought that the content (your copy that is) of your blog has a great influence on your ranking with Google, and most likely the other search engines too.

This is my last tip for today, but obviously not the least important since it is a blog about writing good copy.

Copyblogger is run, written and kept by Brian Clark, who is said to be one of the web’s absolute top experts on the topic.
And for starters I would like to recommend this post. It’s about the most important topics in web copy writing.

I guess this should be enough to keep you occupied for a day ore two, and then I’ll be back with the list of the “must do” SEO tips before you know it.

Stay ranked, and keep blogging

A step by step path through the SEO jungle, for free blogger accounts_No# 001

My blog status at this point was as follows:
My blog was up and running, I had implemented the ads from Adsense. I had even
managed to implement a
sitemap installation , through the Atom feed.
And registered it with Google.

So here I was wondering where to next.
I knew this couldn’t be all there was to SEO. Not after all that racket?… No way! There just had to be more.

First I went around to a few sites I usually go to when there are questions related to web standards, blogging software, web marketing, blogging, web 2.0 matters, accessibility and stuff like that.
I also thought I’d see if I could find a good article on the matter SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SO first I headed over to boagworld.com, to see what Paul has to say. cos if I’m lucky he might even have a podcast onthe matter. For me that is a time saver.
But if you really want to digg in to something, you need to go further than a podcast can/should aloud it self to go.

As I went on searching for what else to do, in order to improve my blogs ranking with the search engines, something started to dawn on me.
I realized, that if I were to listen to, and follow up on every good CEO advice I came over, it would have me busy for a decade ore two. And that is a tad more than I had in mind. So screening would be necessary, but how?, and by what criteria?
I started to feel swamped.

How on earth was I to know what advices were sound? and what best forgotten
Right! there was no way around it. I had to research a lot more, before I started doing what had to be done. In order not to waste too much of my oh so precious time.

I knocked out a spreadsheet, where I put in and organized everything I came over
related to the subject mater. Links to all the advices, neatly organized in a row, with the short version of the advice as indicator.
There is also a couple of podcasts about the matter, that I
would recommend. They have been in my feed for some time, and I must say it is really worth listening to for the all over advices.

After a few hours of intense research, I had what I needed, and a whole bunch more. But first I had to filter and refine. Then after a little while I had my list of actions to take and, things to read and listen to.
And the spreadsheet I cooked up can be found here.

It’s obvious that it would take more to have this over and done with, than I should squeeze in to a single blog post. So here’s what I’ll do:
I will based upon the different listings, links and posts I have gathered with my research, make a “progression plan”.
Then I will go through that plan one point at the time, one post at the time.

The reason I can’t just point you all in the right directions, and leave you to it; is that most of the advices you find out on the net, is meant for blogs and podcasts with their own genuine IP address on a a dedicated web hotel ore server.
And it is a fact that having your own server ore at least a host address on a
web hotel, is highly recommended considering SEO.

But this post series (yes there will be more episodes), is solely aimed at bloggers/podcasters with a free Google Blogger account.
Not to say that the rest of you won’t benefit from the posts. Cos you will. A lot of this applies to you too.
But I have to sort out what doesn’t applie for us with the free accounts. That’s the purpose here.

Meanwhile check the spreadsheet, and I’ll be back with the next episode of this epic before you know it, and then I will present my brand new SEO agenda.