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    Studio45 is a one man outfit supplying art illustrations and design on a high and professional level. Besides publishing all sorts of art and graphics (print & web), I also write, perform and publish music. Studio45 Produces and publishes graphic novels and subsequent video productions of the same novels for web and the commercial print market. Podcast and vidcast are in the workings.
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A sexy place to live and getting inspired




This time around I will use the chance I have to work on a computer with Photoshop and an internet connection.
So let me show you around La Palma.
One of the smallest of the canary islands, and the one furthest west out in to the south Atlantic ocean.
All the pictures are done with my HTC smart phone.






This was two shots of a small mountain town called El Paso.




An old friend Harries More was nice and came to visit. Unfortunately we both got real sick and had to stay in bed for his whole stay.
This is one of the few times we managed to get out of the apartment in Tezacorte.


Lali in Bucaneros Bar in Puerto Naos

Lali in Bucaneros Bar in Puerto Naos

One of many good friends I have made down here.
Her name is Lali, and she runs the coolest bar with live music in Puerto Naos, The Bucaneros Bar.


Manou and his folk band in Bucaneros Bar, Puerto Naos

Manou and his folk band in Bucaneros Bar, Puerto Naos

And these guys are rocking up The Bucaneros Bar with some real hot local folk music. The bass player is the main man, and the brother of Lali the bar owner.


Stempunk-Hair-dryer at the local market in Los Llianos

Stempunk-Hair-dryer at the local market in Los Llianos

Sunday mornings we often shoot of down to Los Llianos, where they put on a real cool market.
Everybody is welcome to sell or buy all they want, and they do.
I love it, one can find just about anything and bargaining is a part of the deal.




the rock of Puerto-Naos

the rock of Puerto-Naos

Two shots of the waves created by a storm way out in the Atlantic.

Now that was it for now, but I’ll be around, stay tuned.

The isla bonita are realy inspiering me.

This is my workspace at the time being.
I am at time of writing this, residing in Puerto Naos on La Palma in a flat with two friends.


La Palma and its people has realy inspired me.
I have to admit that once again I am pregnant with a new story and already have started drawing characters to go with it.
Here are some examples…


This guy I recon will end up being the main protagonist of the tail.
Here`s another sketch…


The hero needs a sidekick or two, so I have of cours cooked up a sexy little bonita to run in to the story….




And then as sort af a counterweight, we get the mascinist and allround tough guy


Thees anti heros, does of cours need some sort of transport. La Palma being an island and all, a ship is not a bad thing to have.


The story is set ca. 30 years in the future, here on La Palma the canary island furthest out to the west in the south atlantic ocean.
The world has gone in to total chaos and is not anything like what we know today.
La Palma has maged to keep a sort of anarchistic free state staus, and as such a trade center smack on the coast of Africa.
This is where I set the story (roughly).

I am also doing some different stuff as well, like a shoot a lot of photos thees days with my pad and my smartphone.
And I keep working on my watercolor painting.
Here`s a few postcards I did….


Ok that`s it for now, but if I can get on with this wordpress app, I`ll keep you posted…
Take care out there…

Woodcock in pencil

Another sketch for a customer whom want to have a tattoo designed especially for herself.
She has a special relation to the great Norwegian poet Terje Vesaas and his poem “The Birds” (Fuglane).
The poem is about this looser guy who gets his kicks talking with the birds (guess that’s what you’d call Ko Koo).
The bird he seams to communicate the best with, is the woodcock, hence that bird in particular.
The customer is a poet herself.

This is my first draft after we had a little meeting and discussed how she wanted it to be…


My workspace

This is how my creative workspace look like the 1. of  July 2011

The picture was spliced together from 13 different shots in Photoshop..

Inked Skull on Bristol board

Some time ago I ordered a pad of Bristol Illustration board from Artifolk.co.uk . At the same time I ordered a new bristle brush (soble) No. 5 .
This is the result of my first attempt at working with these materials.

The one to the left is the original done on the Bristol board, while the right one has been enhanced in Photoshop…


Second Studio45 Gallery on Behance

This is the second gallery we open in just as many days on Behance .

This exhibition is a peek in to our new graphic novel “The St. Pauli Blues”

Studio45 opens its first Behance Network Exebition

Today I opened up my new account on Behance Networks,
and to celebrate I put up an exhibition of pictures from over
the last 5 years of learning to draw

Coming at'ya

Tattoo design sketches

An old friend has asked me to make her a crow inspired tattoo design. So then I promised to make a few sketches and mock ups first.
This is the first sketches I did, there’ll be more in a day or so.

Testing a new font

The font I had wasn’t all that nice, so here is another try with one I found online.

Final Page Design for The St. Pauli Blues

I have redrawn 60% of the 70 pages and changed the over all graphic design since I last posted.These last 5 pages are the final design.
There will be variations on the graphic design since I plan to make a web friendly version for online reading (like one and one picture in stead of pages of’em), and another for iPad related reading devices.
These pages are also with text thus you’d just get a few assorted once to save the suspense until release ..sorry :) but it won’t be long now before we can have a look at the whole thing in all it’s glory.
So now, here we go…

Cover with digital colore

OK I have played around in Photoshop a little and have put some color in their cheeks….(lame joke I know, but it’s Sunday and very late :), I am not satisfied though, I will keep trying

The St Pauli Blues last panel is ready

So then finally I am at the end of this epic quest. It has taken me about two years to draw this album, but I am positive that with everything I’ve learned the next one will be done in about four to five month…. I hope

Now all that is left to do is do redraw a few pictures and some panels, just to get it all up to the level I staked out as I started out.
Then I will put in the text.
I am also contemplating translations in to Norwegian (my own mother tongue), German, Spanish and French. I will need help for the French and the Spanish translations.

Sex brand new panels

I have not been updating lately, but there is a perfectly good reason for it.
Once again I ended up working on many panels at the same time (for diversion, as I am now ready to be ready if you get my drift), and it does aloud for a lot better imagery, cos I give my self a lot more time to contemplate every and each pic since I have more to work on as I let time pass a little, then go back to another one again and so on….

Here are the last six panels I’ve drawn…….

The meanest pig in town

Back in the 80’s I was living in Hamburg, and busking the Spitalerstrasse on a more or less daily basis. It was not aloud but tolerated as a peaceful and harmless activity committed by basically harmless people…us.BUT! there was a very committed asshole working the beat on that street, and his name was Colterman.I used to play together with a great guy called Michael Knubbe, and he’d been owning that street for ages, but was HATED by Colterman. Colterman used to run every trick in the book to fuck Mike over. He compounded at least 14 of Mikes guitars, and fined him a lifetime of wages, but Mike would be back on the pitch minutes after release and making Coltermans life miserable.  So much in fact, that one time after 30 years of this, the pig begged for mercy and invited Mike for a cup of coffee. There he confessed that Mike had been a pain in his arse constantly for all those years.There is only one thing to say about this story…….GO Mike GO GO!!!!
Oh and the point of that story is that I have based this Police officer in this story on Colterman (you see I also got to make this characters acquaintance while busking that street in Hamburg). And this is my payback…he he Fuck you Colterman we get the last laugh ha ha ha


Hot Hamburg “Polizei” Broad

This one took some more time then anticipated.
I had to do a little character design for the little biker babe here.

She was not in the original script, but stuck in at a very late point.
So late as that the character design was already done.

Thus it was left up until the last moment to flesh out the girl both visual and texture vise.


The Streets of Hamburg

OK here we’re back on the dirty streets of Hamburg….The bike is supposed to be some fantasy inspired Triumph….. Bear with me here, it was a hellish task to draw a person on a moving bike in the perspectives I wanted. But I am happy with the result

More St Pauli Blues_Two new pages

Here are the two last panels I have drawn for my graphic novel “The St. Pauli Blues”. It will soon be time to put in the text. But we still have some violence and torture to endure before we go to New York and the last little clue for the next installment.

Brown Paper Samurai

Here is a quick ink sketch I did on Brown paper today. I bought a big roll of the stuff ( brown paper that is) and I plan to do some big pictures on it. I love that rough texture it produce. It goes very well with a loose ink brush stroke…
The bright parts was added in Photoshop. But I plan to try another picture where I use  acrylic for the white but ink for the black. There is no other white I have found that is opaque enough.

The St. Pauli Blues panels

Back again at last. I need to commit a little more to this blog if it is to have any function at all.
I have finally managed to knuckle down and draw the rest of my graphic novel. There is only a few pages left to do.
So here you are my friends, this is the last panels I have done.

Excited about too many things at the same time

One thing keeps me grounded and grinding these days, and that`s my graphic novel “The St Pauli Blues”.
I am like a horse pulling a wagon. Bent neck, and focused mind, no stop until I am there.

The St Pauli Blues_2010

The St Pauli Blues_2010

I am not just a little bit proud. First I spent a year and a few month doing a graphic novel about Europe under Napoleon, then I scratched it (will pick it up again at a later stage) due to low quality art and script.
But one learn as one goes along (hopefully), so then I did a spell of 10 month where I only drew.
I went on for at least 12 hours each day.
Doodles and sketches I did during the training and experiment period

Doodles and sketches I did during the training and experiment period

For this period I played around with techniques, materials and tools.
I did just abut anything I could come up with in order to achieve the look and feel I was aiming for.
In the first 9 month I worked strictly with paper, pencils, ink pens, ink and brushes on everything from the finest drawing paper to scraps and bits I`ve found all over the place. I must have gone through every ink pen brand ever imported to Norway. I ended up a little different though. Because I couldn`t figure out how to get it scanned in to Photoshop without a loss of ink line quality.
So after scratching my head for a while, I went back to trying a tiny wacom tablet (A6) with only pressure sensitivity and nothing else. I am positive this tool was mostly meant for retouching photos, and not for drawing and painting

Wacom Graphire4 A6

Wacom Graphire4 A6

But as you can see, It has actually served me well so fare, but I am getting trouble with my arm and elbow.
So I am bound for a new and bigger one…

One of the first pictures I redrew, before I went ahead and inked everything over again for the 4th or 5th time. But it payed off, Now I am finally getting somewhere

One of the first pictures I redrew, before I went ahead and inked everything over again for the 4th or 5th time. But it payed off, Now I am finally getting somewhere

One very cool thing is that now I paint whole panels in one go, as opposed to before where I did single pictures (pencil first and then inked over on a new better paper with help of a light table…home made one) and composited them in Adobe InDesign. I save a lot of time like this.
I still do the sketches and pencils on paper one by one, then I stick together a muckup of all the ones on one panel and this becomes the sketch layer that I ink over in Photoshop.
Here is an example, It`s actually the first one I did as one whole page/panel.
It is without text and speech bubbles yet

Panel 27

Panel 27

These days it is rather hot, and I have slowed down a lot. But I also think this is due to the fact that I keep going back and improving stuff all the time, and it is only getting more stuff to improve on all the time.
Also my son And I are doing some travelling these days. Just scooting around in the car to get some change of environment. Staying in little hotels and such.
Last weekend we went to Oslo and saw my old busking friends and that bunch, it was a gas.


An old friend and busker Lawrence Glaister & My son Ivan to the right

The photo above was shot during last weekend in Oslo.
Same goes for the six pictures I used to stick together the Photoshop manipulation beneath.
I turned them in to a Oslo post card.


A Photoshop picture made out of six single shots

Now that was it for today, but I promise not to update as seldom as I have lately.
I am contemplating getting myself some server space and a real web name for my little outfit, so keep your eyes peeled and come along as I move, don`t miss out on all the fun here in Studio45.

Per Ove Sleen

Napoleonic times are slowly coming back to life

I am giving it all I’ve got to get this Napoleon video graphics novel up and running, and slowly I am getting there.
This is my very first attempt at drawing, inking and coloring a full comic story on my very own…
And I must admit that it is not a small and easy task.
But I will not complain, it is very much fun involved and for someone like me who loves to draw…well it’s actually nothing short of a dream come true to be honest.

If any of you are interested, I am posting the pencils and a lot of the sketches on our graphics blog
So just pop over and see if you like the way it is going…..


We made home page on redbubble.com AGAIN!

My Code Zebra T-shirt made it to the front page of redbubble.com.
That is a big deal.
You are chosen among literary millions of pictures, and it is a real feather in your hat considering all the fantastic artists participating on the bub.

This is just to great!, go and check it out folks.
There is an endless amounts of top notch imagery to look at ore to purchase if you want to…..
Redbubble is your chance to buy top Illustrations, paintings, photos, prints and t shirts directly from the artist, without going through arty farty galleries that adds huge amounts to the price….

Here you can find a lot more pictures, photos and t-shirts from Studio45

Drawing and reference on the road and at home

Like I promised I am here again. And this time there was no long waiting period (not THAT long anyway).
And I will try to keep that up for a while. In my nearest future there are a lot of traveling on my calendar and I plan to buy a laptop to stay online and updated as we crisscross Norway and Europe.
Another thing I plan to do with those long traveling hours (we’re going on a tour with my band, to promote our new CD due for recording this summer/fall), is to bring drawing equipment and spend my time wisely.
Like always there are many things I need to polish, and then we’re back to reference again.
At the moment drawing figures and anatomy are high on the list, and I am also involved in a project that is going to really put my figure drawing skills to the test.
It is comic related work, and in the more realistic corner, like a Graphic novel.
But like I said, time is on my side, I’ll have a Wii fi compatible laptop and just the right tools for the job.
The tools I would bring along are the simplest and easiest you can use.
For drawing on the road, I simply get ore make myself a clipboard slightly bigger than A4,

My clipboard made out of an old file holder.
I simply cut of the front (the part without the
hardware attached to it) and use an old clipboard
…eeeh whatever you call it in English :-) on top to
hold the paper.

two technical pens o,5 and 0,7 both HB. three black ink pens (0.5 0.2 and a thick black marker for filling in ). This and a rubber goes in my pocket, and the clipboard is outfitted with printer paper straight out of my printer, and fits nicely in to my laptop bag.

This is actually all I need to do my comics and just
about anything else destined for the computer and
digital distribution (witch is about 100% of my
visual work thees days)

I also carry a small notebook for the lighter ocations.

This is my little notebook. I take this when
circumstances are a bit rough ore I just wanna
jot down a few ideas. The front cover was
decorated by the hack himself..:-)

So there i am all set to go, only one thing missing…reference.
You see being on the road might make it dificultdt to be online any given time, and I really don’t wanna start filling up my hard drive with tons of pictures I might never use.
As I was reasearcing this post, trying to find a solution I came over what I should have thought about at once (cos I new this, just new links).
If you are an American, and even an artist as well, chances are you have heard about Andrew Loomies.
Me I discovered him about ten years ago.
His books are so old they where one of the first authors to be put up for free download at the time when internet started to be a common thing around here.
His books are still here, and they are still some of the absolute best instructions you will ever come across. This I guarantee you.
The first time I downloaded some of his books it was some really crude scans in over compressed PDF format.
But that was thousand web years ago, today all his books are available for download in top notch condition PDF’s
This is the best I could ever offer you. And rest asure I will download every single one myself too, and print them out bind them and take them on the road.
So let’s get to the links
First we’ll do Mr. Loomies, then there will be a few other great books for reference and tutorials you can download for free. and in the end there will be a few links to online facilities where you can study Loomies and thousands of other recourses for drawing and painting.
I highly recommend you check every single one of them, they are gold worth if you wanna improve your drawing skills.

Andrew Loomies:
Drawing Heads
Figure Draw
Successful drawing
Creative Illustration
Fun with a pencil
Eye of the painter

George Bridgman
Construction. Masses and movements of the body
The human machine
The next one is a bit of a pain to get to, but just be patient and wait out all the bullshit, you won’t regret it. The conection is great as soon as it starts downloading.
I had 460 KB/sec all the time so I had the 80 Mb down in no time at all.
Here you are:
Bridgeman’s comlete guid to drawing life

The next link I have for you
is a great link for tutorials, videos and free book downloads.
The place is called gekos

And at last I have a place
for you that is sporting
PDF’s and other documents full of drawing tutorials. And it is called Scribd I recommend this one warmly