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    Studio45 is a one man outfit supplying art illustrations and design on a high and professional level. Besides publishing all sorts of art and graphics (print & web), I also write, perform and publish music. Studio45 Produces and publishes graphic novels and subsequent video productions of the same novels for web and the commercial print market. Podcast and vidcast are in the workings.
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Black Panther

Looks like I am in to black fauna these days. Maybe because it is something one can do full tilt without colors, and I am very much in to Ink and brush work. Practicing my skills for my next comic. Have something very special in mind for the finish this time around.
Did this one with Black India Ink, a Windsor & Newton Cotman brush No14. and a POSCA white out pen, on real cheap scrap paper Thus it won’t be for sale, but I will do one on canvas in Acrylic later. That one will be for sale. It will be for sale on the red bubble t-shirt and poster store I have, as posters and printed on canvas as well as on t-shirts.



Custer in colores

I am also in the process of teaching myself to use watercolors.
I find that they just like ink done with a brush, brings a liveliness to the picture that you (at least not I) will not be able to copy digitally.
And I find it stupid to try. Digital drawing and inking has its own characteristics, and it stands well on it’s own legs.

But the style I am aiming for has a lot of the old dynamics seen in works by masters of inking like Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson, Frank Miller, Jimmy Palmiotti and so on.
As fare as colors go, the stuff that really gets me going is old sci fi like Frazetta would color it.
With very clear colors, but very decent.

I am not sure how he and his likes did that, but another big influence as fare as colors go, is the old Blueberry comics from the 70’s done by Jean Giraud.
I know he mostly used water colors and ink wash to get the look he’s got.

As fare as choice of colors goes, there is a lot to draw from.
Watchmen is one of the best and most consistent color jobs I’ve seen in comics, and it is very well thought through.
I will study that among others.
In this picture I find the colors got too prominent, but it is only my third attempt at watercolors and I have lots to learn…..experience is a very good teacher, so here we go…

Drawing and reference on the road and at home

Like I promised I am here again. And this time there was no long waiting period (not THAT long anyway).
And I will try to keep that up for a while. In my nearest future there are a lot of traveling on my calendar and I plan to buy a laptop to stay online and updated as we crisscross Norway and Europe.
Another thing I plan to do with those long traveling hours (we’re going on a tour with my band, to promote our new CD due for recording this summer/fall), is to bring drawing equipment and spend my time wisely.
Like always there are many things I need to polish, and then we’re back to reference again.
At the moment drawing figures and anatomy are high on the list, and I am also involved in a project that is going to really put my figure drawing skills to the test.
It is comic related work, and in the more realistic corner, like a Graphic novel.
But like I said, time is on my side, I’ll have a Wii fi compatible laptop and just the right tools for the job.
The tools I would bring along are the simplest and easiest you can use.
For drawing on the road, I simply get ore make myself a clipboard slightly bigger than A4,

My clipboard made out of an old file holder.
I simply cut of the front (the part without the
hardware attached to it) and use an old clipboard
…eeeh whatever you call it in English :-) on top to
hold the paper.

two technical pens o,5 and 0,7 both HB. three black ink pens (0.5 0.2 and a thick black marker for filling in ). This and a rubber goes in my pocket, and the clipboard is outfitted with printer paper straight out of my printer, and fits nicely in to my laptop bag.

This is actually all I need to do my comics and just
about anything else destined for the computer and
digital distribution (witch is about 100% of my
visual work thees days)

I also carry a small notebook for the lighter ocations.

This is my little notebook. I take this when
circumstances are a bit rough ore I just wanna
jot down a few ideas. The front cover was
decorated by the hack himself..:-)

So there i am all set to go, only one thing missing…reference.
You see being on the road might make it dificultdt to be online any given time, and I really don’t wanna start filling up my hard drive with tons of pictures I might never use.
As I was reasearcing this post, trying to find a solution I came over what I should have thought about at once (cos I new this, just new links).
If you are an American, and even an artist as well, chances are you have heard about Andrew Loomies.
Me I discovered him about ten years ago.
His books are so old they where one of the first authors to be put up for free download at the time when internet started to be a common thing around here.
His books are still here, and they are still some of the absolute best instructions you will ever come across. This I guarantee you.
The first time I downloaded some of his books it was some really crude scans in over compressed PDF format.
But that was thousand web years ago, today all his books are available for download in top notch condition PDF’s
This is the best I could ever offer you. And rest asure I will download every single one myself too, and print them out bind them and take them on the road.
So let’s get to the links
First we’ll do Mr. Loomies, then there will be a few other great books for reference and tutorials you can download for free. and in the end there will be a few links to online facilities where you can study Loomies and thousands of other recourses for drawing and painting.
I highly recommend you check every single one of them, they are gold worth if you wanna improve your drawing skills.

Andrew Loomies:
Drawing Heads
Figure Draw
Successful drawing
Creative Illustration
Fun with a pencil
Eye of the painter

George Bridgman
Construction. Masses and movements of the body
The human machine
The next one is a bit of a pain to get to, but just be patient and wait out all the bullshit, you won’t regret it. The conection is great as soon as it starts downloading.
I had 460 KB/sec all the time so I had the 80 Mb down in no time at all.
Here you are:
Bridgeman’s comlete guid to drawing life

The next link I have for you
is a great link for tutorials, videos and free book downloads.
The place is called gekos

And at last I have a place
for you that is sporting
PDF’s and other documents full of drawing tutorials. And it is called Scribd I recommend this one warmly