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    Studio45 is a one man outfit supplying art illustrations and design on a high and professional level. Besides publishing all sorts of art and graphics (print & web), I also write, perform and publish music. Studio45 Produces and publishes graphic novels and subsequent video productions of the same novels for web and the commercial print market. Podcast and vidcast are in the workings.
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This page is under construction, but will be ready in a few days, come back then and see what we have for you.

5 Responses

  1. Greetings from Australia Ronny, or perhaps I need to call you Per Ove now?
    Tommy Gallagher pointed me towards your new creative work and real name. Sorry, I only ever knew you as Ronny in Hamburg, don’t expect you’d remember me but I’ve still got many photos of you, Mike Knubbe, Red, Henry etc and asked Tommy a while ago whether he knew how you were doing which is when he told me where to find you.
    It’s great to see you’re doing such wonderful artwork, Norway must be a very inspirational country. Hope you’ll keep having great success with it all and if you ever happen to come to Australia please come and say hello. Your music, especially in the middle of winter, was a great addition to Hamburger Spitalerstrasse.
    Take care


  2. Hallo Per Ove,
    ich habe oefter mal im Netz nach Dir gegoogled aber ich wusste Deinen richtigen Namen nicht.
    Jetzt war ich total ueberrascht Deine Projekte im Blog zu sehen.
    Tolle Arbeiten, Ich bin sehr beeindruckt!
    Ich nehme an und hoffe, dass es Dir gut geht.
    Ich habe gestern zufaellig Mike, nach 15 Jahren, in einem hamburger Musikclub getroffen und er gab mir
    Deinen richtigen Namen.
    Ihm geht es bestens und er lebt mit Frau in Holland. Ganz der Alte!
    Ansonsten habe ich noch Kontakt zu Henry, Hannes, Tobi und natuerlich Thomas.
    Lass’ mal was von Dir hoeren.

    Liebe Gruesse, Alois

    • Moin,
      Mike Knubbe? DER Mike Knubbe aus der Spitaler Straße, Knust usw.? Ein Idol meiner Jugend! Würd ihm gern schreiben…Gibt´s ne email oder so?
      Ralf (Hamburg)

  3. Thank you very much for following my blog, I really appreciate it.

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