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    Studio45 is a one man outfit supplying art illustrations and design on a high and professional level. Besides publishing all sorts of art and graphics (print & web), I also write, perform and publish music. Studio45 Produces and publishes graphic novels and subsequent video productions of the same novels for web and the commercial print market. Podcast and vidcast are in the workings.
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CD cover for very interesting and progressive Norwegian/Marocan Folk/Jazz/Rock/HipHop/chill and Sahara Blues Band

I am sorry to say it has been a while since I’ve had time to addressee you fine people, but here I am back at it again.
The Napoleon Graphic Novel project is and have been taking absolutely 100% of my time fore more than two month now, but I am very close to finale and last hand on the story and pictures, and they will soon cross the world to Australia to let MR. muskulareteeth have a go at doing a video out of the pictures.
Looking very much forward to that.

But today I am at you for another matter all together.
For the time being I have not been accepting any other jobs than the ones I create myself.
My income have had to be generated from that. But now I am in the process of changing a few things and I will be on the road and in transit for the next 6 month at least, so I need a laptop and there fore some extra cash.
To get this money I have in first instance accepted one brief from a good friend whom need a CD cover in the first place, but in the long run also will need posters, blog, visit cards, fliers, tickets and a all over visual design for marketing purposes.
I reckon this will bring me a long way in order to get a laptop with sufficient screen res., a powerful graphics card and at least two gig memory preferably three to four gig.

What you see here is the motive we have agreed on and the same motive on the background we are anticipating and with the header as it will stand.

Last you se one of the alternatives I drew…


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